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For those who want to design a WordPress website like a pro:

  1. design a WordPress website Ease of use

The sixth issue in website design is ease of use. In terms of visual items, ease of use is a vital factor in the success of website design. One of the main components in this area is compatibility. You should analyze all the elements you want to use including the keys, menus, and modes. If you want to insert the clickable elements inside round rectangles, all the keys should be inside the same rectangles.


  1. Layout

The seventh issue in website design is the website map and layout. The website design should be done with the same principles as those of designing a poster or homepage. It is significantly important to organize a page so that there is a balance between the texts and images. More than half of the users believe that website design is important for observing online content. It is necessary to use a simple structure for the users’ easy access. The higher is the clarity of different layers and levels of a website, the higher will be the level of guidance. If you want to prevent the users’ confusion in your website, you should minimize its visual signs. Before developing the final design, you should consider the website structure. In this way, you can easily change the website design and test its function. You should continue this process until reaching the optimal design.


  1. design a WordPress website Responsiveness and quick reaction

The eighth issue in website design is about responsiveness and quick reaction to the users’ needs. Nowadays, people use the internet in different ways. They connect to the internet via different devices from smartphones to large TVs. So, there are various displays with different sizes to visit websites. According to a study, people use five different devices to connect the internet and websites on average. It shows the importance of the compatibility and quick response of your website to different devices. A website that is compatible with different devices provides a favorable experience for the users and it is an effective factor in user retention.


  1. Inspiration for website design 

The ninth issue in website design is the inspiration and the attitude towards the well-known websites. There are a lot of websites you can be inspired by. Some of these websites such as Dribbble, Behance, and Awwwards are great sources of amazing website designs. They can be considered excellent ideas if you are still committed to your ideals. You can experience new ideas by observing different designing elements with which you have not come up yet.

design a WordPress website

  1. Analysis

The tenth issue in website design is website analysis. Now, you design a WordPress website and run your website. If you want to see how your company and brand are presented and how customers evaluate your content, you are on the right path. You want to have a website that can simultaneously cover the company and the customers’ needs. In this stage, you have not been finished with this process. Rather, you are at the starting point. If you have set everything properly, you will not be concerned about the necessity of making a change in your website. The analysis is considered a great way to advance and grow your business.


  1. Multistage experiment

The eleventh issue in design a WordPress website is a multistage and detailed experiment of the website and its different components. Note that in the beginning, your website does not need to be perfect. It is a key point that prevents many people from moving towards the next step. They assume that the developed website should be perfect in all aspects. As already stated, you should spend enough time to investigate these factors while designing the website plot and structure. How you want your website to be presented and how your website strategy is designed are the factors you should have already focused on well. So, after running your website, you should test its different pages.

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